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Jo-Anne Gauci

Jo-Anne Gauci is a Canadian photographer who was born in Quebec of Metis parents. She has been practising the art of photography for over 30 years. She has produced a collection of stunning and vibrant images of the nature that surrounds her. Gauci started her own business when she was in her late twenties in the White Water Region of Ontario photographing for the rafting industry. That exposure to nature ignited a love of landscape and Mother Nature’s innumerable small details. She launched a Greeting Card business in the year 2000 and her cards continue to be distributed and sold in stores all across Canada under the banner of “Jo-Anne Gauci Art Cards”.

Gauci’s craft includes precise technical skills in the darkroom and laboratory which enables her to produce unsurpassed photographic products. These products include matted photographic prints and fine art prints of some of her most stunning images. Gauci is mainly a landscape photographer with close-ups of flowers as a niche specialty. Her photography features intimate close-ups, and simple things, as well as bright, intense colours. Her quest for the perfect shot never ends. She explores this world driven by a vigorous determination to express her vision of beauty and her profound respect for nature.

Her images speak for themselves and leave the casual viewer breathless; the truly conscientious observer will experience fine art.

“The thing I enjoy the most about my craft is being in nature and capturing the beauty of that moment on film. My favourite time of day for shooting is early morning; there is a stillness that surrounds you at that time of day. I love the stillness that pervades the world of nature. When I shoot close-ups it’s like looking at what is in the camera lens with the eyes of a child who is seeing this image for the first time. Each time I look through the lens I’m awe-inspired and amazed by the textures of such things as a flower petal or the pattern on a butterfly’s wings. I am certain that nature knows that I am there observing her and I am greatly affected by that connection.”


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